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Value of Knowledge Management

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Following are some extract for Marina du Plessis article titled “Drivers of Knowledge Management in the Corporate Environment”

….the value that knowledge management adds lies in:

  • Creating collaboration forums where knowledge can be created and shared, that can act as a catalyst for decisions and actions to be taken based on knowledge shared or created in these forums, in order to maximise opportunities.
  • Retaining knowledge created and shared through collaboration forums and making it available for reuse later in a different context.
  • Mining of internal business information and external information (including customer oriented information), turning it into knowledge through the use of knowledge management tools, e.g. business intelligence, whereby trends relating to the business and its external environment can be identified and acted upon.
  • Increasing individual, team and organisational efficiency through the use of collaboration forums.
  • Centralising access to knowledge, thus providing one view of a particular subject or area, e.g. customer knowledge.

Based on the above, the overarching objective of knowledge management according to the
author is thus to create, share, harvest and leverage knowledge in order to:

  • Initiate action based on knowledge.
  • Support business strategy implementation and realisation of business objectives.
  • Create an intelligent enterprise through.
    1. Retention of corporate and individual knowledge.
    2. More accurate prediction of important opportunities.
    3. Growth of the corporate knowledge base.
  • Increase competitive advantage.
  • Create an innovative culture and environment.
  • Entrench collaboration as a work practice.
  • Improve work efficiency, i.e. increased organisational capacity through:
    1. Improved decision making.
    2. Improved customer service.
    3. Improved solution of business problems.
    4. Increased productivity.
    5. Improved leveraging of corporate and individual knowledge.

Full article here.


Written by Mat

September 14, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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