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Dave Snowden’s Knowledge Management Principles

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Here are the seven Knowledge Management Principles according to Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge:

  1. Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted.
  2. We only know what we know when we need to know it.
  3. In the context of real need few people will withhold their knowledge.
  4. Everything is fragmented. We evolved to handle unstructured fragmented fine granularity information objects, not highly structured documents.
  5. Tolerated failure imprints learning better than success.
  6. The way we know things is not the way we report we know things.
  7. We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down.

Note about point 3: In this podcast, Snowden mentioned that people will share if other people really need it, but if we asked them to share their knowledge and codify them into a database on the basis that other people may need it, chances are people are not going to do it.

Source: Cognitive Edge


Written by Mat

March 22, 2009 at 10:28 pm

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