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Organizational Storytelling

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Organizational storytelling aims to make organizations aware of the stories that exist within their walls-and then to use those stories in pursuit of organizational goals. One of the founders of the movement is Steve Denning, an Australian who began his career as lawyer in Sydney and later became a midlevel executive at the World Bank. “I was a left brain person,” he says. “Big organizations love that kind of person.”

Then one day, in a World Bank shake-up, he was booted from a job he loved and banised to the organizational equivalent of Siberia:  a department known as “knowledge management,” corporate jargon for how a company organizes its vast reserves of information and experience. Denning became the department’s chief. And-grudgingly at first-he underwent a transformation. (Sounds like a hero’s journey, doesn’t it?) As he sought to understand what the World Bank knew-that is, what knowledge required management-Denning discovered that he learned more from trading stories in the cafetaria that he did from reading the bank’s official documents and reports. An organization’s knowledge, he realized, is contained in its stories. And that meant that if he was really going to be the top knowledge hocho at the bank, he had to go well beyond the L-directed lawyer exceutive approach he’d learned in the first twenty-five years of his career. So he made the World Bank a leader in knowledge management by making it a pioneer in using stories to contain and convey knowledge.

Source: A whole new mind/ by Daniel H. Pink (p. 105-106)


Written by Mat

February 12, 2009 at 9:08 am

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