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Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck

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The knowledge acquisition bottleneck can be described as:

  • Narrow bandwidth. The channels that exist to convert organizational knowledge from its source (either experts, documents, or transactions) are relatively narrow.
  • Acquisition latency. The slow speed of acquisition frequently is accompanied by a delay between the time when knowledge (or the underlying data) is created and when the acquired knowledge becomes available to be shared.
  • Knowledge inaccuracy. Experts make mistakes and so do data mining technologies (finding spurious relationships). Furthermore, maintenance can introduce inaccuracies or inconsistencies into previously correct knowledge bases.
  • Maintenance trap. As the knowledge in the knowledge base grows, so does the requirement for maintenance. Furthermore, previous updates that were made with insufficient care and foresight (“hacks”) will accumulate and render future maintenance increasingly more difficult.

As summarised by Christian Wagner in his paper titled Breaking the Knowledge Acquisition Bottleneck Through Conversational Knowledge Management.


Written by Mat

November 10, 2008 at 4:17 pm

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