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Low Adoption of Open Source Tools in Organizations

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I earlier mentioned about Carloz Mendez presentation on open source knowledge management tools.

One of the most common reasons why organizations are reluctant to embrace open source software are lack of support and continuity as compared to proprietary software.

The 451 group has just published a report supporting the notion about the lack of continuity of pure open source software business model. One of their conclusion is that there are few vendors generating revenue from open source software that are following a pure open source approach when it comes to developing all of their code in the open and licensing all of their software under open source licenses

This throws some light to the “lack of support and continuity” reason by organizations. Why is this so? Because many organizations outsource their IT-related development to vendor and the potential vendors will very likey be offering proprietary software since it is more profitable for them.

More write-ups at readwriteweb.


Written by Mat

October 16, 2008 at 10:49 am

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