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The 10 Most Cited Publication in Scientometrics

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First, I need to clarify that the Scientometrics mentioned above is the journal Scientometrics, not scientometrics as a discipline.

This information was retrieved using the ISI Web of Knowledge on October 4, 2007.

  1. Schubert A, Glanzel W, Braun T
    Scientometric Datafiles – A Comprehensive Set Of Indicators On 2649 Journals And 96 Countries In All Major Science Fields And Subfields 1981-1985
    Scientometrics 16 (1-6): 3-& Jun 1989
    Times Cited: 131
  2. Schubert A, Braun T
    Relative Indicators And Relational Charts For Comparative-Assessment Of Publication Output And Citation Impact
    Scientometrics 9 (5-6): 281-291 May 1986
    Times Cited: 87
  3. Pavitt K
    Patent Statistics As Indicators Of Innovative Activities – Possibilities And Problems
    Scientometrics 7 (1-2): 77-99 1985
    Times Cited: 84
  4. Small H, Sweeney E, Greenlee E
    Clustering The Science Citation Index Using Co-Citations .2. Mapping Science
    Scientometrics 8 (5-6): 321-340 1985
    Times Cited: 79
  5. Small H, Sweeney E
    Clustering The Science Citation Index Using Co-Citations .1. A Comparison Of Methods
    Scientometrics 7 (3-6): 391-409 1985
    Times Cited: 78
  6. Narin F, Noma E
    Is Technology Becoming Science
    Scientometrics 7 (3-6): 369-381 1985
    Times Cited: 72
  7. Schubert A, Braun T
    International Collaboration In The Sciences, 1981-1985
    Scientometrics 19 (1-2): 3-10 Jul 1990
    Times Cited: 63
  8. Narin F, Stevens K, Whitlow Es
    Scientific Cooperation In Europe And The Citation Of Multinationally Authored Papers
    Scientometrics 21 (3): 313-323 Jul-Aug 1991
    Times Cited: 62
  9. Bjorneborn L, Ingwersen P
    Perspectives Of Webometrics
    Scientometrics 50 (1): 65-82 Jan 2001
    Times Cited: 61
  10. Moed Hf, Debruin Re, Vanleeuwen Tn
    New Bibliometric Tools For The Assessment Of National Research Performance – Database Description, Overview Of Indicators And First Applications
    Scientometrics 33 (3): 381-422 Jul-Aug 1995
    Times Cited: 61

Six of the 10 most cited publication were published in the 1980s, three in the 1990s, and only one which was published in the 2000s.

Schubert A, Braun T, Small H, Sweeney E, and Narin F published more than one top 10 most cited publication in Scientometrics.

The next entry will be devoted to introduce the 5 ‘Scientometrician’.

I am just curious why Eugene Garfield did not publish in Scientometrics?


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October 4, 2007 at 12:40 am

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  1. Even the one paper published in the 2000s that makes it onto the top ten may be considered an anomaly, the result of the ‘Thelwall Effect’ (excessive publishing by one man). Of the 61 citing publications, Thelwall is joint author on 34 of the papers.


    October 19, 2007 at 4:40 pm

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize that. Do you know other publication affected by ‘Thelwall Effect’? Or this is just the only case?


    October 20, 2007 at 10:12 pm

  3. …well I only came up with the term on the spare of the moment, but I guess if you look at any relatively small field there are likely to be occassions where one extremely productive author can affect list of the most cited papers. I don’t know whether any scientometric analysis has been done specifically on that topic, although I guess it may have been discussed somewhere in relation to the topic of self-citations


    October 23, 2007 at 8:39 pm

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